Miracle, and Truth

The Quran or Koran, is the Holy text of Islam. Although Muslims (people who practice Islam) are required to believe in the divine books such as the Bible, Torah and Psalms, they regard the current versions to be misleading and edited. Which they are. But the Koran is a holy text that is over 1400 years old, revealed to the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him) The Koran shares many of the same stories in previous religious texts, scientific discoveries, and even law. Muslims refer to it as their guide for life, and soul. Therefore with all this, gives reason for Muslims to believe that it is truly the words of God. Unchanged and up to date.


A Mother’s Happiness

Hi everyone and Salam (Peace)

My dear father read this story to me, really touching and a tear jerker. Please forgive me if it sounds off, but Im translating it from the original arabic it was in. 

salam everyone, so my father read this story to me , it was truly touching.

(please forgive me if it sounds weird, Im translating it from the original arabic it was in)


One day, a Saudi Arabian female doctor noticed a man walking with an old women towards the clinic.

The man and the women came into the clinic and the doctor began her job with them. 


The doctor notices how the man is caring for the woman, he was holding her hands strongly, and fixing her hijab(abaya, niqab) as she was walking…


The man began by telling the doctor that his mom was feeling some pain, the usual questions that doctors ask persued.

Then the doctor asked the man, “Sir, Im noticing your mother is have some strange, irregular movements, and she isnt answering my questions 

the way she should, what is wrong with her?”

The man: “My mother was born with a mental illness.”

The doctor further asks,

“Well, what about your father, where is he? “

the man: “He divorced my mother after one month, when he found out how serious her illlness was.”

“So how did she raise you? who raised you??”

the man: “my grandma was still alive at the time, I was ten, when passed. But she raised me and helped with my mother.”

the doctor:” no offense, but why dont you hire a maid to help you?”

the man: “ya doctor, my mom is ‘miskeena’ Im afraid that the maid will not understand her, and hurt her.”



the doctor: “who helps her out now? eating and using the restroom?”


the man: “I take her to the restroom, I wait for her until she finishes, meanwhile, I prepare clean clothes and undergarmets if she needs them, I also will prepare her outfit for the day, and if she wants to buy something new to wear, I will buy it for her. As for feeding her, my wife also helps me with that, my mom has diabetes, so Im afraid that the maid you mentioned will mess up her food.”


the doctor pauses, and pretends to write


The mans mother starts to get excited and hyper, “I want chips!!, can we get some chips?!”


the man tells his mom, “Yes, once we are done with the doctors appointment I will take you to the sook where 

I will get you some.”


The doctor begins to cry…staring at the clipboard.


The mother steps out, and the doctor talks to the man some more…


the doctor: “Im sorry sir, I pretended to write everything because I didnt want your mother to see my crying.”


The man further explains to the doctor that his mother has the mind of a child, so she gets excited for these small things.


The doctor: “okay sir, how are you happy? how do you make her happy? she did not raise you, she  couldnt have with her sickness, how?”

the doctor is baffled, and deeply feels with the man…


the Son: “When I was younger, I used to ask my mom if I could go to the sook, and she would get just as excited as me, and we would go together,

her happiness makes me happy even today. She asked me once if I could buy her plane tickets, she wanted to ride the plane all the way to Mecca, and perform Hajj, I told her that I will do it, I will buy the tickets and we will ride together to Mecca.”


In Islam, people who are born or have a mental illness are excused from performing Hajj.


The son : “I know she wont understand quite was is happening in Hajj, and wont even be able to get in, but I feel that by taking her, the amount of her happiness will  more than the reward I will get from attending Hajj myself, and I want that, I am okay with that.”






This story has deeper meaning then what is typed. This is a true story about a man, a son, who was willing to take his mother, to hajj, and only to want the reward of her happiness, rather than the reward for Hajj. This is a lesson for us all, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Be thankful for what you have, because Allah swt wouldnt give you something you could not bear. 



while struggling to write a pointless paper….

Sometimes I wonder if we’re all better off without the stuff people didn’t have in the past. But then I remember that it’s only a bigger test. We have phones, computers etc. No excuse not to reach out to loved ones, your friends, or to seek compromise with someone you aren’t on good terms with. No excuse to be ignorant with a search engine at your finger tips, or different people around you. Ask q

uestions, don’t be shy. Look up things that you don’t know, get out of your comfort zone. Only then will you really experience what this colorful life has to offer. And be bold. Start the conversations, the debates, end the fights and ignorance. Send the first text, say hello or just check up on someone.

Not to be morbid, but we’re all worm food. How will you be remembered? 

rhetorical question 🙂