Al-Wahhab; The Bestower

God has done us all many favors in our lives. He is the Gracious! He gave us so many things we really didn’t have to work for or earn. The things we take for granted. A loving family, sound appendages, eyes for vision, ears for listening, etc. Allah subhannawatalla has granted favors even upon our ummah, and previous ummahs as whole. He made tests easier for some, and harder for others. Allah (swt) gave us a mind and heart, the heart is able to do all the things the mind can, and it empowers ACTION upon it’s feelings. Where as the mind thinks, convinces, doubts, and even if it agrees or comes to a conclusion, it does not “move” us to do anything really. Emotions are powerful, LOVE is one of the main cores of faith. How can we progress in the way of Allah (swt) if we don’t love Him? love Him first, before our parents and friends. Because essentially, He gave us them! We often find some people in our communities that are “religious etc” and you can just tell that they don’t have light in them, or passion to good things for other except themselves. It’s okay to be selfish for ones own deeds, but Allah (swt) loves those who listen to Him, thank Him, and obey Him. So He says to love others, your sisters and brothers in Islam or of any other faith for His sake. All our good actions PROVE to Allah (swt) that we love Him. We also find people that aren’t “religious” looking, yet they have more passion to do right if they only had a push or some one to help them along the way. And for those who say they love Allah(swt) but don’t practice what He says, then do you really love Him? We love our parents so please them, why can’t we please Allah (swt) in the same or even better way? Iman is what guides us (along with His help) and Iman will come from the mind and HEART. Because really, if Iman is in our hearts, then we would do what Allah (swt) asks. So take some time to reevaluate how we are on the inside, and if we can prove it to Allah (swt) 🙂 


reminder to myself of course, I hope we all benefit.

99 names/attributes of God in Islam.

 83 to go inshaAllah. stay tuned.

Al-Qahar : The One who Subdues

Al-Qahar: The One who Subdues

God dominates everything. That’s His job, that’s what He does. He provided rules, human law that stands above any man-made institution. He overcomes, over powers.
Everyone remember the story of Prophet Moses? (peace be upon him)
God told Moses(pbuh) to drop his staff on the floor, the staff began to transform into a snake. Pharaoh’s magicians were in awe. And some immediately bowed down to their Lord, realizing the miracle that just took place. Who can have this power? Who can top the best of the best? His throne stands high above the clouds. His Kingdom dominates over Earth, the other planets, and the rest of the cosmos. When we realize and come to terms with God being the supreme being, our lives are made simpler. A sense of relief is there knowing that our lives are in His metaphorical hands. Imagine if we had to literally plan out every day, down to working our own blood flow. Just think. Since He is in control, no one can determine your ultimate success or end. Have faith in Him.

Hold firmly to the rope of Allah subhanawataalla!

99 names/attributes of God in Islam. 84 to go, even though we know He deserves more.
stay tuned 🙂

It's Only Natural To Resist.


Apparently UK’s The Sunday Times published an anti-Israel cartoon on Holocaust day. The cartoon seems to depict Israel’s prime minister, Benjamim Netanyahu, paving a wall with blood, the blood of Palestinians.

The cartoon apeared in the paper on Sunday and was drawn by cartoonist Gerald Scarfe with a caption thet read “Israeli elections- will cementing peace continue?”

European Jewish Congress President, Dr. Moshe Kantor, stated that “This cartoon would be offensive at any time of the year, but to publish it on International Holocaust Remembrance Day is sickening and expresses a deeply troubling mindset. This insensitivity demands an immediate apology from both the cartoonist and the paper’s editors.”

The Holocaust was a terrible tradegy, it was. However, currently the Jews are doing to the Palestinians what was done to them. The Palestinians are experiencing their own Holocaust, therefore I do not find this cartoon to be offensive, not one bit.

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Al-Ghafir : The Most Forgiving

Al-Ghafir: The Most Forgiving

What more can be said about this attribute from our Lord? Allah swt (God) is the most merciful. Although we do not believe we are “born” into sin, we commit sins and make mistakes everyday, sometimes unknowingly, sometimes knowingly. For either, God is ready to forgive us, we just have to repent and ask. In Islam, we believe that God, and God only can forgive us. As Muslims, we are our own saviors, we determine whether we want Paradise or not, based on our actions. However, God does guide whom He wills, and leaves astray whom He wills.(based on our hearts) Our sins and good deeds are our own. No one can take them away, or forgive us the way God can. Allah swt comes down to the nearest sky (around the time of Fajr) and literally asks us to ask Him whatever we want, so that He may answer. Take advantage, forgiveness is surely one of them. (you can ask anytime by the way)

“Except those who repent, have faith and good deeds, those Allah will charge their sins for good deeds. Certainly Allah is most forgiving and merciful.” – Surat Al Furqan, Qur’an 25:70

4 Steps for repentance, (results may vary 😉 )

1. Stop the sin or mistake
2. actually feel bad for it, guilt. Sincerity.
3. Ask God for forgiveness
4. Have a sincere intention to not do it again

HE LOVES when we ask, so do what He loves right?

Keep in mind that God knows what “ye conceal, and what ye reveal.”
We’re human, so there’s no promise that we won’t do the same things again and again, but there’s always room for improvement. Be honest with yourself. Make the change. “Remember Me, and I will remember you.” -Allah swt 🙂

99 names of God in Islam, 85 to go. Stay tuned.

Al-Musswir: The Fashioner of Shapes

Al-Mussawir-The Fashioner of Shapes

God is the creator, making us all different and unique. 
He made us in a certain picture, certain image that is standard for all of us. HUMAN. that means physical and mental(having a mind, emotions etc. not mental state lol ) We all are equal in the metaphorical eyes of God, the only things that rank us are our deeds. No one is better because of looks,beauty, body shape etc. God made you, shaped you, to look the way you do. And He continues to shape us throughout our lives. So don’t get down about a certain flaw, you’re just as unique as everyone else. 😉 And health is more important anyway, more of a Na3ma(blessing) than looks that change in years. And if you’re on a man hunt, just know that beauty fades, and waking up to what you ALREADY HAVE is a blessing on it’s own. InshaAllah. 

99 names of God in Islam. 86 to go. stay tuned inshaAllah. 🙂 *girls remember this name, for it helps a lot when looking in that horrible glass liar!