new things

I don’t know what’s come over me recently but I’m just so welling to try new things!

Things that are seemingly out of my comfort zone, but not too much…

Like not something as adventurous as skydiving, but you get the jest. 

I’m seeing so many new foods that I can make, new drinks etc.Maybe that’s because I’m trying to change my diet…and so far it’s working. I haven’t had soda for a few months, I drank a whole mountain dew though the other day at work…but even then it felt weird, like my body didn’t want it! Soda doesn’t taste as good anymore, I’m starting to crave more and more fruits, especially pineapples&strawberries. Together. 


On Tumblr I’ve been reblogging a bunch of drink mix pictures, along with infused water ideas.

SO FAR I want to try the following:

Blood orange/orange/lemon Infused water

and Pomegranate Lemonade. Sweet.


Al-A’Lim: The All Knowing

God knows everything. Simple as that. He knows our hearts, our minds, and our souls. He knows what is best for us, because He made us! Just as a Apple worker can build a computer, surely that person would know what parts are best for it, what software etc. There’s great comfort in believing in something that knows all, why? Because people cannot always determine your intentions,/actions, sometimes misunderstanding them. Our actions should be to please Him, because people are never satisfied, and He knows that. We can rest assured that all our hard work and efforts He will know about. He knows how many times we think of Him, how many nights we spend studying, how many birds in the sky, and how many stars in the universe. He knows what we hide and what we show to others, and He will hide our sins and mistakes if we repent, and if we excuse others for theirs, instead of humiliating them or advising them in public.

“And Allah knoweth that which ye keep hidden and that which ye proclaim.” (Chapter 16 of the Quran, The Bees verse 19)

“Unto Allah belong the East and the West, and whither-soever ye turn, there is Allah’s Countenance. Lo! Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing.” (Chapter 2 of the Quran, Calf 114-115)

No good deed goes unrewarded with God, so don’t worry. And no bad deed goes unnoticed by God for Him to judge from. And for the lovers of hypocrisy out there, don’t worry, He knows that too. And dictators out there oppressing others, dont worry. You too will also get your recompense. Rest assured that the Most Merciful knows all, and can heal all, and can help us make the changes we need in life, before others even know we did 🙂

99 names attributed to God in Islam, 80 to go. stayed tuned 🙂