“Pray for Syria” – Sketch & Design by Me….

Ray Ferrer - Emotion on Canvas

“Pray for Syria” is an original sketch and design by me.  I never share my sketches but wanted to make this one available in the form of numbered / signed / limited edition prints.

*** Limited to only 25 SIGNED prints.  Get yours here —> http://etsy.me/14LcTlb

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Response to someone asking me why America is a dream, here is a fraction of my answer, coming back from overseas:

 I can explain myself as to why. Everything over there is different, I didn’t go to Americanized Jordan or Saudi Arabia. I went to a country that’s been under illegal occupation for over 65 years where people’s water gets cut off for months just because Israelis “can.” Where children make sling shots to shoot rocks at soldiers. Over there, school is so hard that only few graduate, and continue on. Most girls are pretty much trained for marriage cause there’s nothing else to look forward to in their lives. in America, there are no Berlin walls blocking you from going to school, the store, or even a mosque and church. In America, you can go wherever you want, even to visit the capital buildings. In America, most people work a 40 hr week, there, they get paid 30 dollars a day, and still cant afford to buy meat and chicken. Over there, they’re so bored that weddings are the biggest highlight of their week. (I went to about 15, and got invited to about 30 total) Here, you don’t have to worry about the government saying you cant go grocery shopping for x amount of days like the Israelis do to Palestinians. In America, Muslims are more active in society, they give more dawah, there’s programs for youth and kids, programs for parents, therapy. Some areas lack that overseas. These are just a few things. When I came back, I noticed how nice and organized America really was, how professional Americans can be. And how I deeply admired American mentality when it comes to workforce, and rights for women. In no way am I saying countries overseas are lower, but they really need to get things together. Islam would be stronger if people let go of so much culture, and desire to be like Americans.

Harry Potter fans and the impact the series has made on us

Harry Potter fans and the impact the series has made on us I can honestly say that the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling has made a positive impact in my thinking, education and life. I never thought about it as much as now reading this article. I’ve had a few heated debates with ignoramuses who say that the series is demonic, and prevents children from being religious and crap blah blah. When those parents who claim that are indirectly saying that they can’t raise their children strong enough to not be affected by negative things (if there was any in the series that life won’t already introduce) any negative things in life, not just from a book series. I can go on and on about my feelings towards the series and how it actually benefitted me. It is a hard read, and I started them at 3rd grade, since the books were readily available in the library. Love them, and love this article.


I want every one to know that I am a Muslim, speaking out AGAINST the dictatorships thriving in Arab/Muslim majority countries. With the Arab Spring still taking it’s toll on Egypt with the rebels vs Anticoup, I want every one to know that I condemn the violence that is happening against these innocent protesters. I am against the military and their brutality, all in the name of “Deomocracy.” I want every one to please think of WHY and HOW these morbid dictatorships are still around. I am DONE being the internally victimized Muslim. We ARE speaking out, we just need more people to hear us. Of any class of any status, faith or ethnicity. We want Peace. I want peace. I’m tired of America (my country…cause you know, I was born there) funding these dictators and their militaries. How else do you think a man like Mubarak and Assad of Syria STAYED in power? American support wink wink. Please spread the word that Egyptians, Syrians, Palestinians and other countries need your help, your added voice to stop corruption, and end the destruction. 

Everything good has it’s Thawab.

My goal this Ramadan was to finish the entire Quran. I still have 5 more Juz’ to go. I can easily finish them now that I got the longer, tougher Surahs out of the way. InshaAllah ya Rab! Every year I’ve been getting faster at reading Arabic. SubhanAllah the more one reads the Quran especially, the faster they get. It’s like God is by your side, easing the words on your tongue and soothing your eyes when they become heavy from determining what letters connect and what don’t. I truly feel like I’ve been cleansing my self ever since I started to read it every Ramadan for the past 3 years, more even. But not as much as this year. And last year, I read 22 chapters of it in straight up English. Mind you that it’s hard as well because the words of the Quran in Arabic are not spoken on the daily, and are from olden, more professional Arabic you could say. So imagine reading Shakespeare in little bits. Except these are God’s words, and even English words can’t compare or do justice to the language of the Quran. SubhanAllah! A miracle, why? because no one can reproduce something like it, truly a holy book that will never change. Not one letter. 1400+ years and it is still the exact same. God kept His promise, and this is a reason I believe in Islam, and in it’s message to all mankind.