Faint Whisper in Baby Blue

Had this in drafts from the summer. Had to just get it off my chest even though the slaughter is not over. Gaza Ya Rab.

Small faint whisper in baby blue,

You came out slowly, surprised at your life taken away so quickly!

Why did you leave? Why did you leave through lavender lips? Because they were bruised?

Because they were too soft to close?

Your lips were too soft, so your soul left.

Sweet young ones, traveling through jade green halls, hearing doctors scrambled to save your womb,

to save your mother…you could not wait to see her face.

The beeping escalated, your blood was getting colder and colder, your mother stationed, grasping the rusted metal.

She demanded you to come out, she called you home. Sweet young one, you are now out, but this metal has gone through you, pierced your china skin.

I asked for a blanket but this was a high demand so they gave me a cloth of white,

I struggled to wrap you because this cloth means death, this cloth means leaving, this cloth means good bye.

So I thought of you in baby blue. It didn’t matter if you were a boy or girl, but baby blue was the color of the sky under grey drones and missile rain.

Your life did not begin, your life lost a battle it did not know it could win

Your little fingers, your bones still soft, softer than this cloth

You did not speak, but you soul made a faint sound, body in whimper,

A faint whisper, did you call mother’s name? Did you know mother’s name?

I see pictures of her yelling for you to come back

Her existence has shrunken without you, she is useless, she wishes to die

Mother’s wail, and they continue to cry.



Or were you trying to breathe, little baby?

Small faint whisper in grey and tool

Faint whisper in baby blue