Iron Hands

You never looked at me when we walked together

But found the bravery to look me straight in the eyes,

as I drew, and showed you what I could do.

I fell out of gravity, I should have wanted you stop.

We were always interrupted

My thoughts–always interrupted

My stomach burned when I heard your coming foot steps

When I saw you swing your arms around the wishful metal.

Somehow, you always landed with grace. Something I could never do

I miss that scar, I miss those iron hands. I miss the red blush when I came at the wrong time

For me, it was always right.

God dropped this blue, this turquoise in front of me, and I walked away, I forgot.

And then I begged for you, in my mind, to stay. To not go back to heat, coal and blackness

You insisted on the lemonade. You had to show me how sweet you were, but you were a man to me,

a man in worker’s clothes…

A prince in a land I knew never existed but in the dreams I had on rock pillows…


The American Expatriate Encyclopedia: My Piece on Hemingway and War

Salam guys!

So I have great news…Alhamdulilah after lots of hard work, I got published with my University!

Some back ground: I took a senior seminar course called American Modernism. I honestly had no idea what it would entail, however like any senior, I needed the course and credit. I could have chosen other specific genres, but for some reason I felt like I could relate to this one more. This course has taught me so much about an era that was under-studied. The major themes we discussed were:

Expatriatism (yes, it’s a word) and expat writing




Major authors include:

Ernest Hemingway

T.S. Elliot

Henry Miller

Ezra Pound

Gertrude Stein

and many more.

Anyway, my author in focus was Ernest Hemingway. I have a love/hate relationship with this man, but I’m glad I really got to dive in and learn more. I really related to this course because as a Palestinian, I can understand the emotions in literature about colonialism and being of the “Orient.” So these works really resonated with me personally. Not to mention the great Edward Said was referenced, which made me extremely happy to be some what represented as a Palestinian, who loves literature/theory etc.

So here is the link to our published works. Mine is under authors-Hemingway.

If you’re interested in learning, all of these entries will help.