Vastness of God, الله Ramadan Epihanies 

The vastness that is Allah (swt)-

As I pray, I sometimes shrink in this feeling, I am so small. I am so small compared to this room filled with other worshippers, I am so small compared to this masjid, this city, the amount of people in this world.
What are we compared to God? I looked down at my hands, I bent my fingers to stretch them out during prayer, my joints ached but we’re not stiff. I saw the ease in my gestures and didn’t realize just how amazing it was to have these things. 

Not even on my command, my fingers bend and relief themselves of work. They cup into thankful wells for when I make Dua. They do whatever I want them to do, and I don’t even understand how they work. 
What’s all this compared to the greatness and vastness of Allah? 

I always wonder, looking at my hands, how people don’t believe there’s something bigger out there. We have this idea that God is this one being that somehow stays put in one place, looks a certain way, and isn’t omnipresent. In reality, it’s the opposite. He envelopes the earth. His mercy reaches the very darkness of corners that haven’t seen mercy in years. He lights up places that have been dark on His command, not our education or enlightenment. The problems of the world are nothing for God our successes are but a fraction of happiness that we enjoy then find fleeting.
He is everywhere and everything. He owns it all. He watches over us, beside us, soothes over the subtle tremors of our hearts. 
Sincerely stumbling