What Tugs at Your Heart Strings:Realizations

“My words are wrapped in barbwire, my actions speak for what I can’t say-when my head tells me ‘no’ my heart tells me ‘go’ so I’m on my way.”

-Lea Michelle “On My Way”


Salam guys,

So I’ve come to many realizations and pretty fast I might add.

Every time my Facebook daily memories appear on my feed, I can’t help but go back and read all my statuses, just to see where my mindset was at the time, and where my heart was. Crazy, but I literally can’t remember why I said what I said. It’s 2016, guess it didn’t matter all that much.

It’s crazy how we can have so many dimensions to ourselves, how our minds can either be focused on one thing, or split in different directions. I found myself experiencing both. Often times the main thing in my heart residing on the back burner of my mind. SubhanAllah, what we focus on and what we ditch. It kinda scares me because I can’t predict where I’ll be next year, where my heart will be, and where my mind is. I just want peace, I just want my happiness.I honestly don’t want to make this post real deep, because I’m working on digging myself out of hole of which seems no bottom. Here are the realizations I’m having:

  1. My definition of friendship is simple. I’m okay with this.
  2. My definition for love- growing every day. I’m struggling with this.But maybe it’s just something that needs to come. I am not certain yet.
  3. Not everyone thinks the way you do, they don’t have to. Vice versa.
  4. Not everyone has the same heart as you. As in, if you don’t have the heart to do or say certain things, that doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t. Be aware of it.
  5. Good intentions will not always matter. Not to people. But Allah (swt) they do.
  6. Good intentions can have bad consequences. Check yourself.
  7. Allah (swt) will remove every being in your life that you favored them over Him. He will take them out. You will not always know why, you’ll feel empty, but trust me, He’s having mercy on you by allowing you to filter, and renovate your heart’s space.
  8. Even when you’re right, apologize. People just want to stop hurting.
  9. Some people will either make your burdens worse, or ease them. Be the one that eases.
  10. People are more selfish than you think. I’m selfish too, sometimes you need to be.
  11. ^It might come at the cost of someone else’s feelings. Up to you to see if it’s worth it.
  12. You should go by your own standards and not expect much from others.
  13. Redefine what it means to be “close” to someone. I’m doing this every day.
  14. Telling someone everything doesn’t make you close.
  15. When something is unlike you to do, you’ll feel nasty. That’s when you know who you really are.
  16. You need a man with bigger hands. No, that’s not what I meant. A man who’s gonna catch you when you fall, encompass you in love no matter what. You’re great, so he needs to hold you well. 
  17. Know your worth, but don’t get cocky.
  18. You don’t always need to look how you feel. My motto? #trashCan not #trashCannot
  19. The more sujood you make the better, even when your hearts not in it.
  20. Make small goals. Push yourself to achieve them.
  21. YOU are a goal. You’re your own goal. You need to build, and grow and create the best you to offer to the world. And so you can leave it a better place.
  22. Know the difference between tough love, and being rude. This goes for taking it from others, and exhibiting it to others. You might hurt more than you can help.
  23. Reflect every chance you get.
  24. Your mom loves you. Talk to her and don’t shut her out.
  25. Self care. Don’t F with people who don’t exfoliate. But you gotta first.
  26. Allah (swt) continues to cover our mistakes and shortcomings. Don’t ruin that.
  27. Love for the sake of Allah(swt). Especially when you know a person is good, even though you may not be the best of friends anymore. Love for His sake because you can.
  28. Make  saying “I l-o-v-e you”easy 2016. It’s not that deep.
  29. Anytime you put your heart on the line, it will not go to waste. Even when you look like an idiot.
  30. Those who love you won’t think you’re an idiot.
  31. I owe my heart to a lot of people. I’m sorry.
  32. One person leaving your life is petty compared to the hundreds that care about you. Let’s make it numerical and unemotional.
  33. You’re petty sometimes. It’s okay.
  34. You’re alive for others, not just for yourself. You life isn’t only yours. What you do affects others, people need you, people look up to you.
  35. There’s baraka in your life even when you did’t ask for it. Appreciate it.

There’s some lol…

I’ll add as I go. But man, 2016…wyd?

Sign an unmoppable mess,