To Baba and Dinner ForksĀ 

Ukrainian artist- Soosh

I go up the stairs, my ankle pops like yours. 

My eyebrows furrow like yours, I’m sorry I thought they were bushy

We look the most alike. 

Between your stubble and big smile, I only know a teacher that never got a classroom. 

An Imam that didn’t find his voice 

A potential goat farmer.

I’ll pay for that. 

You’re the definition of sacrifice 

The smell of aftershave and honey 

The smell of a clean sweat as you got bigger 

As you became stronger 

We run in a circle of the same arguments and debates only to realize we meant the same thing 

You constantly make things easier than they need to be

I’m sorry mama isn’t good at rocket science 

You’re a giant with a cartoon voice- a voice you only make in front of the younger babies 

SpongeBob is on!

Thank you for teaching me humility 

I’m still biting my tongue 

You said you’d cut it off 

Sanak taweel!

I’m sorry I make you mad some days

Thank you for being my gaurd

One day I’ll be able to hold you as you held me.

My ankle pops like yours

You said it’s because I pray a lot 

When you pray- a lot.

A gentle giant.

Thank you for giving me my first series of books 

You never come in my room

But did to tuck them


Stop breaking our forks.

Love you ya baba. 

Forgive me and maybe I’ll enter the same gates as you

Because you know- daughters open gates.

Fathers give the path and keys.

So forgive me.

Jenin you’ll see one day- maybe on your way to Mecca 

I don’t think I’ll ever accept it if you pass

As long as it was on your way there- you joke.

I love the space between your teeth.

Love you baba,

I’ll make you iron forks 

I’ll be stronger too

I’ll look like you and pray like you and make Duaa like you.

Love you baba,

Thank you for splitting your coffee with me.