To the one that got away 

Alhamdulilah for you

I am beyond grateful of the lessons and happiness you gave me.

A love that had so many bounds, of which we had no choice to leave tied like two ships in the sea

He controls the tides,

An endless ride of life that we’re on 

Many moments, hair rushing with the wind, smiling too big it hurts 

I am thankful for you

I am thankful for the spring you added to my heart, a feeling like I was whole, like I belonged.

I found peace in you when around us was anything but

Guns in air-old gun powder suffocating noses and fogging our rocket dreams 

Shoot for the sky

Smile while you’re at it.

Let your hijab fly on this ride, don’t close your eyes 

I am thankful for Him giving me all these tiny memories

He loves me because He gave me good company 

He loves me because He’s making room for Himself in my heart when I denied 

I am thankful for you, sweet reminder of temporary happiness 

I know what I have now

You know what you never truly lose

We’ll be back one day, under shade trees 

Under a blocked sun

Stars almost poking us because we got too close

Or they just want to be among us 

Thankful for you, the one that got away, slipping from my out stretched hands 

Water fingers you’re always slipping from me

I know God loves you-

Or else He wouldn’t bless your every stride.

Your strides are much bigger than mine.

I know God loves you

Figured He loves me too since He gave me you

I’m sorry for underestimating your drive 

I’m sorry for not being invested. 

I’m not sorry for trying.

I’m sorry my eyes get weak, I can’t see past a setting sun. 

I know God loves you. 

He said I could too. 

You are the definition of calm- before the storm. 

To the one that got away, you will always deserve more 

To the one that was always in my way

I’ll gladly stand right there, always.

Flickers of light, in small ounces of distributed pain across a cosmo field,

Lost love is the worst.

To the one that got away,

I’ll be praying for you every day. 

God loves you, I swear it. No trial less than this we both bear it.

I know what I have now, see you on the other side.

Sleep well and keep your stride, far and wide, across ocean and sea.