Why I Write

Salam everyone,

So this is a question that I should have asked myself a long time ago. Usually when things come naturally to us, we don’t question why, and take it for granted. I have been fortunate enough to have been asked “why” I write because it forces me to think about my purpose for doing so. It is safe to say that a lot of writing is inherently personal and for ourselves.  I write because it is my outlet, a cathartic art that allows me to express how I feel about certain issues regarding myself, what happens to me, and world around me. I have been “writing” since I was 7 in a girly and guilty-expensive Lisa Frank diary. I wrote in my diary every day. I still have my diaries and read them every once in a while for some humor. I wasn’t funny, but it is amazing to look back at what I thought what my woes were and how I planned on solving them. As I grew older, my writing grew with me and I left the sparkly journal and got more “mature” materials. I am now in my 20s and have been using my Iphone notes as drafts for posts until I get a chance to formally construct my pieces on here. Writing to me is like magic, but also one of the biggest proofs for spirituality and affirmation for my faith. I imagine the brain being a mess of ideas and thoughts that if valuable, should be shared. I imagine these ideas flowing like blood through veins, then the words drip from our fingers and dance on paper…

This manifestation of writing, as a kinetic activity, proves the existence of something greater for me. The ability to create, out of what seems thin air, pieces that cure us, touch others, and change the world are dangerously necessary. It sometimes scares me that I can create something and it be untamed and open to so many people. There is the accountability, but also the fear of letting go of something that maybe should have stayed in your heart. Writing is a very intimate thing that is not meant for everyone. I mean this to say that I feel humbled to have this outlet that I honestly cannot see any other way for myself to heal or explore. I am no where near my ideal writer-self, but the act of writing needs to continue for me to build myself in order to become the best version of me possible to offer this world.


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