1/8/18 What’s a sign?

What’s a sign and what isn’t:

What’s love left in liberty- but lacking thereof? What’s a forehead prayer, carpet etched?

At the same time.

I’ll send my ‘I miss yous” to the sky and hope they land on you someday.

I’ll take the words of wisdom and use them. By and by you’ll know they’ve always made sense.

Take the precious pearls no one sees. A struggling silence, chained, pressed black, into the night and forget them in your sleep. For sleep is the closest thing to forgetting.

Where is my mind on all the vital things?

I slip up, I’m sorry.

I forget to be grateful

I forget to be patient

I raise my stature so as to not be so small

I lower my hands and surrender

A great man once reminded me of travel tickets

I don’t even have those plans

Where’s the drive and love-motivation


You always deserve to smile.


You see how great I could be.

Ihdee ihdee

Like a giant I will rise.

Like an avalanche I’ll fall into my misery even though I fear death and I fear losing you and my love ones. You’re that too.

I guess that is my test. Crumble to be humble.


You always deserve to smile.


You always saw how great I could be.

I’ll prove it to you, pillow petals, over sized heater, a constant reference in blush.