About Me



Sarah (Noble wife of Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him)

(Aburumuh of the Spear in Arabic)

I’m Muslim, born from Palestinian parents in the lovely USA. I’m proud to be Muslim and to be American. Raised here all my life, I love embracing both the timeless culture Palestine, Islam, as well as the new and innovative America. I’m in my 20s and ready for new challenges in my life. I am a high school English teacher, and being as tiny as I am, I am determined to make big changes.

My priorities are my family, community, and personal goal to become the best version of me possible to offer this world. Teaching has been the biggest blessing in allowing me to achieve these goals and better myself. I am a life-long learner. Even though I am a teacher, and extroverted in the classroom, I really am an introvert who seeks to be a source of light for anyone willing to listen to my thoughts and learn. I love to read and geek out with my students. I write about personal struggles and my conclusions on how to solve them, youth work, epiphanies and how my faith helps me navigate through an ever-changing world. I also write some poetry that I will recite at certain events, but each poem has its own sacred meaning and dedicated to certain  people and events that may never get recited, or even read by the person they are meant for.

I hope this blog can speak to you, heal you, as writing has done for me and continues to.


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I really like your blog mashaAllah! Reading these things about your reflection about the quran and your about section shows so much character mashaAllah!! Keep it up sister and may Allah SWT keep you on the straight path…keep being positive

      1. You are welcome.. that is very sweet and nice of you. You are a great writer…can’t wait to read more. InshaAllah things are well with you and your family in the US and Palestine

  2. Salam alaikum. a great blog you have, which is apparently a reflection of your goodness. May Allah continue to bless you and bless the world with people like you. Keep up the writing.

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